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Any of the collector dolls from past years can be purchased. Fabric and embellishments may vary from the photo shown. Please email the artist directly at [email protected] for ordering info, pricing, etc. 
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Meet Tilly, the 35th doll in our collector series! Created exclusively for A Primitive Place magazine!

Tilly loves spring! She loves opening the windows in her cabin and feeling the gentle breeze. Tilly colors eggs for all the children in her quaint village and strolls about with a basket delivering them. But today, Tilly is resting  on her porch with her new copy of A Primitive Place magazine. It’s packed with great decorating ideas.

She stands 10” tall to the crook in her ear and is wearing an aged dress and  stands on a painted egg base. She is just $38.95 includes travel to most of the U.S. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. MADE IN THE USA

Spring 2019
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