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Primitive & Colonial Inspired Spring Decorating
This page was last updated: October 11, 2013
A New Season invites changes to your home
Nothing says Spring more than flowers! 

Decorating hint: Go to garage or estate sales and buy old jars, bottles, and pewter...and fill with fresh or silk flowers.
Decorating tips: Add a floral wreath to an old window pane for some Spring flare!

Got an old wooden stepladder? Paint it or leave it rustic and weathered and add plants to bring the green indoors.

Make an herb drying rack for your kitchen by nailing small wire brads into cheap lathing strip, or better yet, an aged piece of wood you might find, even driftwood! You can gather flowers, herbs, and even grasses to dry directly on the rack from your own yard.  
Spring is a time for renewal. 
We want to get rid of the heavy, dark feel of winter. We can accomplish this with just a few changes in our home.

Refocus your focal point:
For winter comfort and warmth, most people arrange their furniture around the fireplace and install heavy drapery to hold in the heat and block dreary view. Uncovered your windows to let in the light and turn your sofa to face the window for an inviting view of the garden. If you can't rearrange your furniture away from the fireplace, "refocus the feeling" by cleaning it & inserting a basket of silk flowers or plants or an arrangement of candles in the opening. 

Take down those heavy drapes and put up some light, breezy curtains or sheers. Let the light in! Put away heavy blankets or quilts and replace them with lightweight throws or coverlets. 

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Regroup your Collections:
Use your beloved collectibles to achieve your spring look. Love bird houses? Round up your collection and bring inside to use with your flower arrangements, wreaths and fireplace mantles.

Clean up the clutter! Nothing can make a house look tired and weighed down more than too much clutter. Opt for a clean, fresh, airy look and feel. Simplify! 
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