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2009 May Featured Home ~ Willow Tree Primitives

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Living  right outside of Toronto Canada, Lisa, also known as Willow Tree Primitives enjoys the rustic country style of decorating.
Photo above: Lisa brings a rustic, yet cozy feel to her  porch by accessorizing with natural elements and adding decorative accessories such as soft cushions and throw pillows. 
A twig wreath and grapevine help add to the natural and cozy charm. Using natural elements and some imperfection, tend to create a relaxing feel.
A vintage window pane hung in the porch opening gives much needed privacy.
Submitted by willowtreeprimitives 2009
Submitted by willowtreeprimitives 2009
Photo below: A vintage tricycle adorned with grapevine, a basket with vintage watering can and an old looking sign, add more rustic flare and welcomes guests into Lisa's home. 
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Submitted by willowtreeprimitives 2009
Photo Below: Lisa always wanted a fireplace in her front room, but didnt want to spend the money, so instead, she made a faux fireplace. She painted it green, used cracking medium, then painted it buttermilk cream. To give it that final touch, she sanded the edges, to give it a "worn look".
Submitted by willowtreeprimitives 2009
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I am an Air Force wife and homeschooling mom. We are stationed at Offutt AFB near Omaha, NE. I live in military base housing with my husband and two kids ages 13 and 15. I've lived on a military base and in military housing almost my whole life. It is fun, but challenging at times to turn a blank, nothing special house into a warm and cozy home. I would call my decorating Colonial/Primitive. I love the clean, crispness of the Colonial look, but also love to mix in those neat old primitive pieces as well. Most of the things in my home are reproductions, though one day I hope to have many real antique pieces and more Colonial inspired furniture.
Spend a Cool 4th of July Touring This 'Cozy' Home!
Submitted by CozyCoop 2009     
2009 July Featured Home
Submitted by CozyCoop 2009     
Some of my favorite things to decorate with are crocks, colonial coverlets and linens, old bowls and trays, dried goods, samplers, candles,baskets,old wood boxes, hooked rugs, colonial portraits and sconces. I also love stenciling throughout our house. 
Submitted by CozyCoop 2009
Submitted by CozyCoop 2009     
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Submitted by CozyCoop 2009
Photo Right: This pie safe is the first piece of primitive furniture I bought. I made the rag balls in the black caddy sitting on top. The black caddy was a good will makeover project. My mom brought me the shore birds from New England a few years ago.
Photo Left: Summer is one of my favorite times to decorate.

I enjoy having all the old flags throughout my home. Some of my flags stay out year round like the ones in my entryway.
Submitted by CozyCoop 2009
Submitted by CozyCoop 2009
Photo left: Lisa purchased the large firkin on the right from ebay and the small one was a thrift store find. She made them both over using the technique on the left.
My decorating style is a mix of Primitive/Colonial and 
Farmhouse.  Once people step inside our home they are 
pleasantly surprised to find hardwood pine floors and 
a homey atmosphere. 

We have always lived on a tight budget, since most of my married life I have spent as the keeper 
of the home. With that said I had to learn to be a very thrifty decorator! 
2009 August Featured Home
Welcome to Black Sheep's Homeplace - A Primitive Place
We purchased 
our 2000 sq. foot doublewide mobile home new in 1997.  With the help of my husband, I have been working hard ever since to turn a plain jane into a warm cozy place to live our lives.  
Submitted by blacksheeplisa 2009
Start by rubbing a wax tart over the entire piece. Using candle wax or soap  in areas you don’t want paint to stick to, makes it easy to achieve that time worn look. 

Next apply a top coat of paint. 

Then take a piece of  fine steel wool and knock off some of the paint.      

The final step is apply a walnut gel stain. 
Find out how this thrifty stay at home mom barters for what she wants and how she uses 
handmade and made-over items to decorate her home!
The old door pictured above is a trash dump find! The A Primitive Place sign was made by Char of The Picked Pepper Patch.
Our home is filled with madeover items and handmade treasures. I learn to stitch, sew, paint and do woodworking to acquire the things i wanted so badly. Which i didn't mind at all, because behind all my treasures there is a story to tell. So sit back, relax and enjoy your peek inside my home!
Submitted by blacksheeplisa 2009
Lisa's Farmhouse table was purchased at a yard sale for $60! 

It was solid wood made by someone years ago but they had painted it white! 
Submitted by blacksheeplisa 2009
Lisa's secrets on how to get that time worn look!
Submitted by blacksheeplisa 2009
Lisa found the dining room chandelier at a sale for only $10!