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Fall 2016

   A Primitive Place & Country Journal magazine is the fastest growing primitive, colonial, and country magazine on the market today. Each issue is filled with inspiration for the decorator, cook, crafter, gardener, and homesteader looking to live a simpler way of life. In each issue readers of A Primitive Place & Country Journal magazine are welcomed into five perfectly decorated primitive, colonial, and country style homes. Each home tour gives readers ideas on how to decorate in their preferred style and gives them insight on the top favorite collections of these homeowners. Readers can also tour beautifully manicured primitive, country gardens showing how to bring a love of gardening and primitive decorating together. Each issue also features easy to follow recipes and crafting tutorials. A Primitive Place & Country Journal also welcomes readers into the mind and workshop of the gifted cabinet and pottery maker, David T. Smith. Readers can also learn more about the history of their favorite collections through a variety of informative articles. All of these winning elements combined with beautiful photographs, a professional layout, and a feeling of goodwill and camaraderie is why A Primitive Place & Country Journal magazine is the preferred magazine for the multitude of primitive, colonial, and country decorators in the world today.          
Release date: August 1st. This isue will be arriving in mailboxes in mid  to late August.
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Sneak Peeks from the Fall 2016 Issue
Spring 2016

The Water Reservoir of Early Homes

Written by Dan Weaver

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The History of the Writing Desk

Written by Dan Weaver

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Written by Dan Weaver

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Winter 2015

Summer 2016

  Phoebe LOVES pumpkins. She makes pumpkin soup and pumpkin bread. She LOVES pumpkin pie and makes them to give to family and friends. Phoebe was out gathering WEE Pumpkins to decorate her cabin. She is planning a BIG fall gathering and needs some ideas to decorate. Oh, she was so excited when she heard the mail truck! The new fall issue of A Primitive Place magazine has arrived! So now she has nestled herself in a cozy spot to read it from cover to cover. Oh, wonderful recipes too!

  Phoebe is a sweet size, just 10" tall to the top of her hand-made witchy hat. Her dress is covered in stars, a hand-dyed blackened shawl and sack of wee pumpkins completes the look. You can tuck her anywhere...on a windowsill, in a cupboard, even in a wreath!

  All of our collector series dolls are created exclusively for A Primitive Place magazine and are signed by artist Lana Testa. Phoebe is justs $29.00 and includes travel to most of the USA. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Any questions? Email the artist directly at

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
Meet Phoebe - the 25th Doll in Our Collector Series
Designed and Created Exclusively for A Primitive Place Magazine by Lana Testa